PARENTS! Do you have a child that is disobedient at home or in the classroom?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

From time to time most children defy the wishes of their parents. This is a part of growing up and testing adult guidelines and expectations. It is one way for children to learn about and discover their own selves, express their individuality, and achieve a sense of autonomy. As they stretch their independent wings and engage in minor conflicts with their parents, they discover the boundaries of their parents' rules and of their own self-control.

What causes this type of behavior?

Parental expectations, the child's difficult or intense temperament, or to school problems, family stress, or conflicts between parents. Disobedient children don't express themselves with reason for their sadness, this can be caused by not receiving enough attention from parents due to their own problems and careers.

In families where there is marital conflict, youngsters may misinterpret this problem, concluding that they themselves have been bad and have upset their parents. In the process their self-esteem may suffer, and they may be more prone to reacting inappropriately to the events around them.

How does a parent overcome such behavior?

  1. Spend more time with you child, turn off or silence your phone. Giving your full attention to your child when asking about their day allows for him or her to see your interested in what is happening with them.

  2. When speaking to your child about a specific behavior be clear, tell him or her exactly the behavior your looking for, don’t get into the why they should do it.

  3. Be aware when they do the correct behavior, praise them, give them a hug or praise the specific behavior change.

  4. Find reasons to praise good behavior and set limits for the undesirable behavior. Do not view discipline as a punishment. View it as a means of actively engaging with the kids to help mold their moral character.

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