Need a vacation? So does your child!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Here are a few traveling ideas for a summer break your child won't forget!

1. Camping is the ultimate low-cost option. Pitch a tent in a national park or the beach, swim in a lake, hiking, cook s’mores—the few expenses you’ll incur are food, entrance fee, and gas. Imagine the view from your sleeping bag and the memories you and your children will share for a lifetime.

2. Take a kayaking trip. Kayaking is not only great exercise, but it is a sport the whole family can enjoy. There are many inexpensive kayaking rental and touring companies located in and around Los Angeles. Being able to get away from all the hustle and bustle of our daily busy lives, taking out the time to build strong relationships with our children will help them to build strong meaningful relationships as they grow older. Remember a parent is the first teacher for a child, what you do when they are younger can turn into a lifetime habit they will carry on with their families.

3. Plan a trip to a nearby state. Many people today never leave their current state to see what our beautiful country has to offer. America is a country rich with nature, culture and a beautiful landscape. Taking time to spend with your children and teach the importance of America’s rich resources and culture.

4. Plan a trip to another country. Plan your trip with museums for a rich cultural experience, look for theme parks that will allow your children to experience interaction with local children. Remember traveling is to experience things not offered in your country, don’t be afraid to try new exotic foods and drinks. Remember to teach your children about international traveling, before you visit another country be sure everyone understands the correct custom greeting and what to do and what not to do. It’s all part of being a responsible traveler. Travel is a wonderful experience as a family.

The experiences are the best way to learn, while creating a lifetime of memories!

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