How Summer Break Can Get Your Kids on Track for Next Year

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Summer is an ideal time to help your kids, especially if they struggled in the past year. With the loose schedule that goes along with being out of school, you can aim for projects that are fun and relaxed yet geared toward improvement. Here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking for opportunities to help your children during summer break.

Amp up communication skills

Does your child struggle with communication? Whether your youngster has a hearing loss, language disorder, or simply has trouble finding words to put together, a speech pathologist can provide engaging, interactive therapy to help. You don’t need a referral to see one, and a speech pathologist can assess your child to design a program tailored to her needs.

It’s important to find a speech pathologist with the proper credentials, so carefully research whomever you’re considering. Ask about education, experience, and background to make sure your choice is well-qualified. Note that most speech pathologists usually complete a master’s degree, and programs are available in-person or online through a variety of accredited institutions.

Focus on tough subjects

Is there a particular school subject your child needs help navigating? There are private tutors available for nearly every scholastic subject, and if you don’t know a local tutor, such as a teacher on break, you can search online. Pay attention to negative reviews and check references and ensure the candidates you’re considering specialize in the specific subject you need. Once you narrow your selection, Understood recommends interviewing potential tutors carefully. When it comes to making your final choice, think about how comfortable you are communicating with them, and also how comfortable your child will be.

Give a confidence boost

Does your child struggle with self-confidence? Going to summer camp can help kids feel empowered and independent, as they do interesting things, learn, socialize, and have fun. It’s also a chance to delve into a particular interest, whether it’s sports, a hobby, or other a scholastically oriented option.

For example, there are STEM camps, archery camps, and camps for aspiring equestrians. There are even camps for kids to learn survival skills! Virtually anything and everything is available. Think through what most would benefit your child and mesh with her interests so she can stretch and grow while having fun.

Music to your ears

Kids are naturally drawn to music, humming, singing, and clapping along with their favorite tunes. In addition to being enjoyable, you might be surprised to learn that having your child in a music program can boost academic performance. Parents explains music lessons can help children develop better math skills, improve physical coordination, and enhance social skills. Playing an instrument helps kids learn patience and discipline as well and can help a youngster feel better about herself in general. You can even find online music lessons, which can be ideal for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of home.

Grab some good books

Reading is a crucial learning tool, as it opens the door to engaging with new subjects. What’s more, some research indicates reading benefits children’s brain development, encourages stronger social skills, and can enhance written and verbal communication skills. It can help kids develop empathy, enhance comprehension, and even appears to help youth understand the potential consequences of risky actions.

There are several national summer programs available to kids at all reading levels, or you can explore your local library to find out what’s available in your community. And if you have a child struggling specifically with reading, consider some tech tools to help. Sometimes a digital or multimedia format can engage children more than traditional books and help them learn in a different way.

If your youngster is struggling, think about interesting opportunities to help her get on track for the coming school year. There are professionals, camps, and various tools to help make the most of summer break. With a relaxed, fun attitude, summertime can be the perfect supplement to your child’s learning program.

Eric Kelly is a single dad who lives in Los Angeles with his three-year-old son, Gus. He created My Dadventures to share the tips, advice, and resources he continues to pick up along his parenting journey.

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