How Parents and Teachers work together to create a GREAT Classroom Environment!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Helpful Tips for Parents with school age Kids

Working together, parents and teacher are able to create a great classroom environment. This process helps students succeed both in the classroom and at home with their homework and studies. The following are some ways that parents and teachers are able to work together.

Develop a Classroom Management Plan

Teachers share the plan with parents before the semester begins, this helps set the expectation for the student. Parents review expectations with their children. This allows the student to see parents and teachers are on the same page.

Develop open lines of communication for Parents and Teacher

Parents and teachers need to communicate at a minimum of at least once a week. There are many ways to communicate, an email is a good way, many schools have classroom chats and messaging. Parents can always set up a monthly meeting with their child's teacher. Allowing for open communication will help the child achieve greater success and helps minimize learning obstacles and deter behavioral issues.

Set up a routine at home

Students need a routine which helps them to learn better and reduces stress/behavior issues. Parents who have a routine at home will reduce stress for their child, and it also reduces issues in the classroom.

When parents and teachers are working together it creates a better learning environment for all students. Making small changes at home and in the classroom helps create an environment that everyone will benefit from.

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