Factors that Affect Social Development

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

How can we help our children?

Here are some simple things that can help your child grow to be well rounded and happy.

  • Meaningful relationships with caring and knowledgeable adults.

  • Ensure schedules and the environment remain as consistent as possible, children need routine.

  • Structure plays a HUGE part in raising children, give clear instructions and set clear expectations.

  • Allow for opportunities to express themselves safely in play, art, and stories and storytelling.

  • Make sure routines are kept, children know and depend on the structure for each day.

  • Accept children’s feelings and behaviors with support and acceptance.

  • Find ways for children to express themselves, whether through outdoor play, running, drawing, painting, building, or telling stories.

Developing a strong sense of individuality while learning to become a member of a group—is ever-present in school. Children must retain their individuality, yet they must give it up by putting the welfare and interest of the group before their own. At school, they find they must share not only materials, toys, and time but also the attention of the teacher. Here they learn to cooperate, see others’ viewpoints, and work together for the common welfare.

And finally, whether you’re a single parent or not; putting aside your mobile phones, computers, while having a conversation teaches your child the real meaning of conversation and listening!

So, turn them off TODAY! Change your child's BEHAVIOR for the better!

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