Ever wonder “Does my child have good social skills?”

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Yes, we all do as a parent. What is important you may ask?

What is important, however, is that kids can form meaningful bonds with others, can empathize and interact with others appropriately, and have the skills to adapt in uncomfortable situations.

Many students do not know how to handle interpersonal social situations that involve following directions, holding a proper conversation, listening, giving compliments, proper behavior during transition times, teasing, bullying, or just "hanging out" with friends.

How can parents and teachers help:

Don't label students as shy, repressed, bad, or naughty. Labeling only makes the behavior worse and doesn't build confidence or self-esteem. Allow the student opportunities to use and learn social behavior such as taking a taxi, bus or train allowing them to purchase the tickets and making them responsible gives them a sense of pride.

Parents build the confidence in the child; the teacher only re-enforces the behavior at school.

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