Don't have the time to go away for summer break? Make time to spend with your child.

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Make a pin wheel. You will need the following materials:

  • A pinwheel, small flag, dishcloth, or handkerchief & heavy paper plate

  • Scissors

  • 18"-lengths of colored yarn or crepe paper streamers

  • Tape

What to do:

On a windy day, go outdoors or open your windows. Have your child hold up his/her hands. Can they feel the wind? Can they see the wind? What happens when they hold up a pinwheel, flag, dishcloth, or handkerchief?

Create a wind catcher. With scissors, cut a large hole out of the center of a paper plate. Tape colorful yarn or crepe paper streamers all around the rim.

Hold the wind catcher up to see which way the streamers blow. That will indicate where the wind is coming from.

For added fun, invite your child to try twirling the wind catcher and running with it to see what happens to the streamers.

Now listen to find out if your child can hear the wind blowing through the hole in the center of the catcher.

What else can they hear?

Make and Take the time to do several fun activities with you child, it will help keep them interested in learning if you show the same interest.

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