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An Individualized Learning Plan is a process that school counselors and teachers develop for individual students to define their educational plans as it relates to determining their career goals and post-secondary plans. 


This process starts in elementary school with an assessment of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a determination on how to build a strong academic foundation for future success.  This is followed up in middle school and high school with a more comprehensive plan which develops and incorporates the long-term goals of a student.

Limai Academy provides our students with an Individualized Learning Plan beginning in kindergarten; to build upon the core curriculum of our school and to expand upon a student’s strengths.  This helps students achieve a higher level of academic achievement and assists them in discovering their path for the future.


"We teach to the Student, not to the Classroom!"

The Individualized Learning Plan has many purposes including:


  • Developing education plans from elementary school through high school.

  • Setting student's personal goals and keeping these goals as school progresses.

  • Discovery of many careers beginning in the sixth grade.

  • Exploring colleges and post-secondary opportunities that fit with desired career, and other life goals.

  • Establish college and career readiness throughout middle school and high school.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an Individualized Learning Plan at Limai Academy, feel free to contact us.

Increases Student Success in School!

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