Limai Education began in Beijing, China in 1995. The Chairman, Lei Huang, had a vision to bring the best education possible to students in China by utilizing the best Eastern and Western curriculum and promoting cultural diversity. The first school was opened in the Shunyi District of Beijing and quickly became a top school for educational excellence. Over the years, Limai focused on preparing students to enter the top universities in China. With the success of Limai as a top Chinese private school and a foreign language school, Mr. Huang once again began to improve Limai’s direction by opening an "international school" in 2001. The school focused on preparing students to enter universities in America, England, Australia, and Europe. Limai provides a top-notch curriculum for students in grades 10-12, with the focus to prepare students for the SAT Test, and the rigorous English language test like IELTS and TOEIC.

In 2014, Limai became an International School. Limai felt that every student should have the opportunity to learn the highest quality of education in Chinese and American education. Limai partnered with an American education company in Baltimore, Maryland. This partnership began a new era for both companies. Limai offered the first K-12 American education system for Chinese students with the diversity of both culture and curriculum. The program began with only 40 students, and during the year the program grew to 175 students with a mixed international student body.

Limai Chinese American (International) School Building in Beijing

Limai Chinese American (International) School Building in Hainan

Students in Limai Beijing School

Panorama of Limai School in Beijing

This was only the beginning! In 2015 Limai opened its first international preschool for ages 2 ½-6 and the success was phenomenal! Over 700 students signed up for the Chinese & American curriculum diversity program. In 2016 Limai’s international K-12 program grew to over 350 students, this success did not go unnoticed. Limai opened 4 more preschools in 2016 in Beijing and was also contacted by other schools to partner with in several provinces. The first partnership began in 2016 in Hainan with 600 preschool students and in the same year Limai partnered with two elementary schools in Haikou and Sanya cities in Hainan province.  Limai runs and manages each school with its partners to ensure the quality of the education is being met. In 2017 Limai once again grew, this time Limai opened its second branch high school in Beijing and simultaneously partnering with a top high school in the Shangdong province to open and manage the international program.

Limai Academy in Gardena

In 2017 Limai went truly international with new locations in the United States. The Chairman Lei Huang along with his partner Simon Shao (owner of Green Pastures International Inc.) purchased Limais’ first preschool in March of 2017 and the second preschool was purchased in December 2017. In March of 2018 Limai purchased its third preschool with the success of the preschools Limai is now focusing on running a K-12 school in the Los Angeles area (Gardena, CA).

Limai Academy features an inspiring learning environment for children from kindergarten through high school. Our year-round school offers enrollment any time of the year for enthusiastic children wanting to jump into our immersive and inspiring learning program.

All of our students have access to our innovative STEAM programs so that they can learn and reach their personal potential in science, technology, and the arts. We provide our students with an Individualized Learning Plan beginning in kindergarten and building through elementary school, middle school, and through to high school.  Limai Academy offers smaller class sizes with a 10:1 student/teacher ratio in all the classes we teach. And, all of our courses are taught by an elite international teaching team that is focused on your child’s personal development.

We welcome you to come to visit and find out about more about the Limai Academy.

Limai Preschool in Buena Park

Limai Preschool in Cypress

Limai Preschool in Rancho Santa Margarita

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Limai Beijing School Students

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