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Meet our Educators

Principal - Joseph Dennison

"Love to learn, and learn to love learning. Education is the foundation for a better life."

- Joseph Dennison

Kindergarten - Keundria Eaton

"I believe every opportunity is an opportunity to learn. Therefore, I often seek and teach various styles and tactics using materials students can relate to, encouraging each child to take charge of their own learning. My aim is to motivate, inspire and engage all students in an inclusive, positive learning environment where children can have fun and become life long learners."

- Keundria Eaton

English & History - Alyssa Garcia

"In my classroom, learning is not a race - every child should be given their own space to develop and learn at a pace that is right for them. I encourage every student to see their mistakes and imperfections as part of the learning process in a fun, creative, and safe environment."

- Alyssa Garcia

Math - Benjamin Aguilar

"I believe math is used in everyday situations like business, sports, and robotics. Math helps in the advancement and the saving of lives."

- Benjamin Aguilar

Chinese - Mandarin - Lisa Zhang

"Language in every country is important!

Learning a new language promotes cultural exchanges amongst countries."

- Lisa Zhang 

STEM - Victor Kim

"For my students, I will do my best for them to learn, understand, and apply the lessons taught so that they can work independently inside and outside of school. Though the lessons may be tough, they will be taught and reinforced through fun activities throughout the classes."

- Victor Kim

Teaching Assistant - Christian Reynaga

"English, Mathematics, and Science are core components of any curriculum, but it's important to understand that Art plays a vital part in the development of a young mind. Art is the discipline that allows us to comprehend the world visually and creatively interpret the world visually.Leonardo da Vinci was known for using science and art to interpret the world around him. Some of his human renderings allowed for medical practitioners to understand human anatomy. Within my own practice, I will encourage interdisciplinary education within my curriculum so students can see how art can aid in the understanding of other subjects."

- Christian Reynaga

Meet our Support Staff

Office Admin - Roxana Martinez

"Everyone has an impact on a students life, from teachers to every person working in the school, the key is to make a positive impact to assure a positive future."

- Roxana Martinez

Grounds Keeper - Chris Trammell

"The kids are our future, so let's teach and watch them grow."

-Chris Trammell

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School Campus:

2814 Manhattan Blvd,

Gardena, CA 90249

(424) 329-0471

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