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Families love Limai Academy's fun and exciting After School Enrichment Program. From 2pm-6pm on school days, we offer K-12 students a wonderful choice of academic, artistic and recreational classes and activities. And we welcome all children ages 5 and up.

Our safe and secure environment provides students with a structured schedule based upon the individualized needs of each student.  Every class and activity is supervised by one of our experienced and qualified teachers.  And each student's needs are discussed and reviewed with the parents so that the right afterschool program is created for each individual student.  


And since nutrition is important to all students, we provide them with healthy snacks while also educating them with a fun overview on eating right!

This innovative and budget-friendly program includes:
  • Academic Enrichment

    • Homework Help & Tutoring in all Subjects​

    • SAT Preparation

    • College Essays Writing Workshops

    • Debate

    • Chinese Mandarin Lessons

  • Music & Arts

    • Dance​

    • Music Appreciation

    • Guitar Lessons

    • Calligraphy

    • Drama

  • Athletics

    • Golf​

    • Tennis

    • Cross Country

    • Track & Field

    • Volleyball (Seasonal)

    • Basketball (Seasonal)

  • And much more!

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